What is the Civ Battle Royale?Edit

The Civ Battle Royale is a massive AI only game inside of the well-known video game Sid Meier's Civilization V. It features over 60 artificial intelligences in a fight that will have one end result: only 1 civilization left standing. It has been developed by Reddit user TPangolin and hosted by the r/civbattleroyale group. It is set on a giant real-world map with correct starting locations and resource locations.

This game uses many modded civs in addition to some original civs. A full list can be found here. It was created and it's controlled using the in game editor tool which is an available mod in the steam workshop.

The technology tree has been expanded to alter the course of the game, using the "Future Worlds" mod. A short summary can be found here

The first version, the r/civbattleroyale was abandoned because of problem loading the save file, so they decided to try again, with the r/civbattleroyale MK II, which was has been more successful but has has several hiatuses. The Civ Battle Royale Mk. 3 is launching soon, being the most ambitious of the three.

When? Edit

Each part is currently released on Tuesday, and usually contains, more or less, 10 in-game turns.  

Usually, some of the content posted in r/civbattleroyale follows a schedule as well, such as the "Free Talk Friday" (published on Friday) or the Power Rankings (usually Monday or Thusday).

Where? Edit

As already said, the main site for informations and discussions is the subreddit r/civbattleroyale; Every part is published on imgur with parts 79-83 put onto the Colonialist Legacies Website and future parts on the Civ Battle Royale Website.


Mk1 starting locations

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