The Civ Battle Royale Mk 2. Is the second and current installation of the Civ Battle Royale series. It's first part was released August 11 2015, and lasted 83 parts before being put on hiatus. It has been reborn as Civ Battle Royale Mk. 2.1.

The Battle pits 61 Civilizations (and one observer Civ) against each other with the goal of taking over every other civilization's capital. As of part 83, only 8 Civilizations control any form of city, with most of the others surviving as refugee units.

Civilizations Edit

Originally set to have 59 Civs and one observer, it was expanded to 61 prior to release date, with The Ashanti and Sri Lanka being added to balance West Africa and India respectfully. The Civilizations and their download links are as follows:

*Current Steam Workshop Link is Broken (Inuit, Boers and Philippines)